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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I see the correct answer to my quizzes?

We get it. It’s annoying. The unfortunate reason that most employers choose this option is because of cheating. In early iterations of Overcoming U Courses, we found that people would attempt the first quiz without looking at the resources or watching the module. They would fail the quiz, receive the correct answers then pass. It was not fair to those who were putting in the effort to learn the material. With incentives usually on the line, we want to make sure the process is fair to those who are doing the work.

How do I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password, enter any random word into the password box. The incorrect password will trigger an error message that ends with “Lost your password?”. Click “Lost your password?” and you will be prompted to create a new one. That’s it!

Something is wonky in my module/video is not working/quiz won’t finish.

First try a different browser or even a different computer. Some entities that we work with have older hardware and software that can cause issues. Usually, Chrome works best but that also depends on the age. Smart phones almost always work because they are updated. If you change browsers and/or computers and it still does not work, please email us at

Contact with any other questions.